A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


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Marisa, after mastering Patience ;-) goes crazy adding some Wiki pages:

Allowance, Anger, Aspects, Attention, Avenues of Communication, Belief Systems, Bleed-throughs, Compassion, Cooperation, Duplicity, Energy Centers, Energy Deposit, Essence, Essence Families, Essence Names[?], Essence Tone, Expectation[?], Fearfulness[?], Focus, Guilt/Worry, Inner Senses[?], Intent, Objective Awareness, Subjective Awareness, Opposition Energies of Opposition[?], Oubliette, Probabiliites, Procrastination, Regional Areas[?], Remembrance, Trauma (see Marisa ;-)), Truth

Anyone got a pail and shovel???

Elias Sessions by Participant

I'm not sure where this will end up, but gonna start the page here! Thanks, Marisa

Go ahead and we'll see :-). Markus

Marina creats entries for the Ten Belief Systems (didn't know about this stuff until a few minutes :-)….

Relationships[?], Sexuality, Emotion, Perception, Senses[?], Science, Physical Creation of your Universe[?], Emotion, Perception, Sense, Belief, YCYOR, Cooperation, Compromise, Talks

From Don Fred Alan Allard:

Belief System of Truth, Choice, Freedom Playfulness, Seriousness


Appreciation, Arrogance, Curiosity, Core Belief, Desire/Want, Expression, Questioning, Objective Awareness, Subjective Awareness, Energy, Aspects, Attention, Time, Orientation, Noticing, Concentration, Reality, widening awareness, Periphery, Philosophy, Feeling tone, Abstract, Facets of essence, Energy Centers, Energy Field, Truth Wave in Consciousness, Mosaic, Caring, Concern, Links of Consciousness, Co-Creation, Redefining, Presence, Body Consciousnes, Frustration, Trust, Tolerance, It Matters Not, Motivation, Consciousness, Spontaneity, Verbalizing, Theme, Transition, Conflict, Building Blocks/Structure, Source Event, Worldview, Effortlessness, Blinking In/Out, Personality, Focal Point, Awareness, Intensity, Accessing Information, Neutralizing Belief, Responsibility, Fun and Pleasure, Information, Action, Highly individualized, Mass belief systems, Imagination, Exploration, Universe, Shrines, Probable Self, Manifestation, Impulses, Intellect, Knowing of Self, intrusiveness, You, Feelings, Movement, want, intention, identity, symbols, counterpart, impression, influence, intuition, importance, acknowledge, configuring energy, change, relaxation straight little sapling


Wishlist: Paying attention, Automatic response, Auto-pilot, Victim, Communication, Signal, Value Fulfillment, Intent

(thanks for everybody who's stuffing my dictionary socks :-)).

More for later:

Color, Difference, Discounting, Fear, Openness, Opposing, Opposition, Natural expression of consciousness, Alignment, Belonging, Reflection, Mirroring, Lending Energy,

Milumet, Gramada, Vold, Ilda, ,Sumari, Tumold, Zuli, Borledim, Sumafi (Session #67 should be a good source of quotes for those)


Marina outcome payoff[?] thinking aspect comparison Exposure Right/Wrong Chapter Focus

Notice what you are doing

Final Focus Discontinuing Focus

Continuing Focus Remanifesting Focus

Beginning Focus Initiating Focus

Regional Area 3 Primary Aspect

Wave Differences , Seth

Sue Distraction Personalizing Personal Responsibility

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