A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Highly individualized

Session #562:

ELIAS: Your reality, as essence, as consciousness, is HIGHLY individualized.

I have stated previously, your creation of your perception is so individualized and unique to you that it may be comparable to what you create within your physical form in fingerprints.

No other individual upon your planet holds the identical sameness in fingerprint as you, not even an identical twin which is physically focused in your physical dimension, for you create your expression of yourself, as a focus of essence, so highly individualized and unique that it is not duplicated by any other expression of consciousness in any form. And your perception, which is, once again, that element which creates your reality, is equally as individualized and unique.

Session #646:

ELIAS: Each of you every individual that is manifest within this dimension upon your planet holds a unique perception, in like manner to your fingerprints. Perception is so very highly unique that no two individuals throughout the entirety of your history create the same perception. It is HIGHLY individualized.

Therefore, if perception is the instrument which creates your reality and it is and it is highly unique and individualized through your individual creation, all of your reality is also highly individualized and unique.

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