A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #640:

ELIAS: Finding your motivation is the expression of finding your worth and finding your trust, your trust in your ability, not merely to be doing what you do outwardly, but your ability to be creating any expression that you choose the powerfulness of that knowing.

Finding your motivation is remembering you and your movement, your tremendous expression of value of self, your worth of self, and your offering of that expression, which lies much more strongly within than the outward expression of what you do.

Session #1970:

ELIAS: As to motivation also, this is another factor. For in association with shifting and discovering or identifying truths, your movement is changing. What you are familiar with, what you are accustomed to is goals. You set a goal, you set an ideal, you focus upon a wanted outcome and that is the focal point, and that motivates you to accomplish achieving that goal or that outcome.

What is shifting in perception and being misinterpreted as a lack of motivation with many individuals is the unfamiliarity of generating more importance in relation to the process than the outcome. In paying attention to the process, which is associated with what your desire is to be more aware of yourselves and intentionally creating what you want the outcome becomes unknown. Therefore, the process becomes ultimately important.

For you may engage an idea of what you want, but what you genuinely want is to be generating the awareness to create your reality intentionally entirely in association with what you want THAT is the genuine desire. That can be expressed and developed in many, many different manners, and not necessarily always comfortable, for that choosing aspect of you does not distinguish between comfort or the lack of comfort. What it moves toward is whatever is most efficient to gain your attention.

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