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Compassion is one of the terms that Elias relates to redefining terminology as part of the shift. He also connects the word to caring, concern and helpfulness.

Session #902:

ELIAS: "In this, as I have recently defined, compassion is the act of understanding."

Session #1398:

ELIAS: Now; "compassion," in our redefining of terms … which is a movement of this shift in consciousness, for you are also redefining your reality, and the manner in which you redefine your reality is to redefine your terms, your meanings. In the redefinition of compassion, genuine compassion is understanding, not pity; for this is not to say that you do not care. Individuals confuse caring with concern.

This redefinition is however mainly related to the beliefs surrounding compassion, and more precisely to the duplicity which is usually attached to the word.

Session #529:

ELIAS: "Therefore, as you create a physical reality to be exploring, why shall you not explore every aspect of expression which may be created in conjunction with emotion?

This shall move you to the subject of compassion and to suffering, for suffering may be identified as any expression, physical or emotional or as you identify it mental, and in any of these expressions, that which you identify as pain, you also identify as suffering. That which you identify as hardship, you identify as suffering.

Now; this is a direct reflection of your beliefs and of your perception, your interpretation of your beliefs, your definitions of your beliefs.


And this is the point, is that in offering yourselves automatic responses to any element within your reality, you incorporate the allowance for the limitations of your belief systems.

In this, you may be incorporating compassion, and you may also not be incorporating compassion. The expression itself is a choice and is merely an expression within your experience, and matters not. What you may consider to be mattering, within your widening of awareness, is your identification of judgment in conjunction with the expression or the lack of expression. You look to the expression of compassion as good. You look to the expression of a lack of compassion as bad.

Herein lies the importance; not the expression itself, but in your identification of the expression and your definition, and your association that you as an individual are good if you are expressing compassion, and an individual that does not express compassion is bad, that suffering is bad and joyfulness is good, that happiness is good and sadness is bad. That you incorporate compassion for individuals or even yourself as you may be manifesting any element in your reality or any action in your reality that you identify as bad, suffering, pain.

You do not identify in your expression that you hold compassion for yourself or for other individuals as they choose to be creating happiness or joyfulness! You DO express the actual emotion or feeling of compassion, but you do not define it as compassion as you look to yourself or any individual that is not creating a type of suffering. You incorporate the emotion; you merely do not define it as compassion."

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Session #9999:

ELIAS: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog …

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