A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Fun and Pleasure

Session #335:

ELIAS: I am also quite encouraging, as you are aware, of fun and pleasure! Your focus is not so very serious, and as individuals move into their association with this information, they are missing the point if they are incorporating this information so very seriously, for I am not advocating of this!

I am expressing to you that pleasure and fun is incorporating less thickness in your focus, within your energy, and lends an easement to your movement through your focus. You merely are not incorporating this, as you are incorporating judgments and creating thickness and conflict within your focus, and this would be the point, to be eliminating of your conflict.

Session #74:

ELIAS: Allow yourself to be natural. If it is not fun, do not do it! If you are incorporating action that is pleasurable to you, you are incorporating what we would express to you as value fulfillment. Your essence does not manifest for the purpose of experience for some mystical reason! Its fullest value fulfillment is expressed through pleasure.

This is what your self strives toward, this being why you also incorporate positive and negative; negative being all elements that do not incorporate pleasure, positive being what you strive for, being pleasurable. This is your choice. (Pause) You may experience effortlessness and a pleasurable existence if you are fulfilling your desire. This is why I say to you, if it is not fun, do not do it! Incorporate fun only, and you will experience natural time.

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