A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #2284:

ELIAS: It is not a matter of changing that into a like; it is a matter of recognizing that you may not like some expression but it is not necessary for that to be important. It is the element of importance that creates the perpetuation of what you do not like. When you remove energy from what you do not like and it is not important, it is not necessary to create it.

…..It would more be recognizing that you incorporate a dislike and acknowledging that — “yes, this is an expression that I do not like.” You ACKNOWLEDGE that it is present but it is not important, and you can turn your attention to a different direction that can be important in what you DO like.

Session #2227:

ELIAS: Yes. First of all, recognize and ACKNOWLEDGE yes, I am doubting. Do not discount yourself and do not berate yourself that you are creating that, but ACKNOWLEDGE yourself that you are recognizing: “No, I am not generally feeling that confidence or that lack of doubt.” And do nothing; do not force.

Accept that you are incorporating doubt in that moment and that is acceptable, and that you will allow yourself to relax and to rest in that, and to know that it is not necessary to change that in that moment. The mere acknowledgment of that rather than fighting with it, rather than attempting to force changing it, changes the energy.

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