A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #1410:

ELIAS: I may express playfulness is generated in the absence of seriousness. Ha ha ha!

Session #1261:

ELIAS: …you have misplaced your playfulness.

Perhaps in allowing yourself to re-establish your playfulness and listen to your imagination, perhaps you shall generate the genuine want, and therefore create some of these expressions that you think you want but that you are not creating for you are expressing beliefs much more strongly to the contrary.

Session #963:

ELIAS: I may also express to you that in generating a playfulness, this type of action also is quite powerful in its ability to turn and hold your attention as effectively as creating expressions of conflict.

It is merely that you are unfamiliar objectively with allowing yourselves to be playful and that you deem the lack of seriousness to not be expressing efficiently an exploration of whatever direction you choose to be moving into. You place a great value upon the expression of seriousness in relation to any movement that you generate that you assess to be valuable. In actuality, allowing yourself to be expressing playfulness in relation to movements that you value creates much more of an ease and much less thickness in your accomplishment.

This is the reason that I am continuously encouraging individuals to be playful! Ha ha ha! And you have offered yourself an efficient example of the difference of allowing yourself an openness. And also allowing yourself to assimilate information which is expressed between yourself and myself in generating playfulness, generally speaking, and thusly creating an experience in which you are not expressing that playfulness and experiencing the thickness, which is created in association with that type of expression.

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Quote from unpublished session (#1312):

ELIAS: (talking to syl) ….Now, there is another aspect of your intent in this focus which is that of exploring in a unique playful manner……in which all of these philosophies and aspects of information that you collect, and you incorporate to generate your mosaic, you do not view them all as seriously as mny individuals.

(syl and Elias both laugh)

Syl: I'm sure you're aware of how much I consider everything to be games.

ELIAS: Quite! which is quite refreshing!

Syl: Well, cool! …everything from talking with you to beliefs….following a method or process for 'evolution',m which is another game itself…(Elias laughs). It took me a while to get to this point, but the playfulness seems to allow more understanding.

ELIAS: Quite!

Syl: …because it takes out judgments, and etc.,

ELIAS: You are quite correct! …and, this is the reason I am very encouraging of individuals to be incorporating more playfulness and recognize that they ARE generating a game!


(syl asked Elias what she had been doing with energy to create 'winning')

ELIAS: Experimenting with imagery and energy…and, a manner of manipulating energy to generate such an expression as you want. But, let me express to you, this is an example of an individual incorporating that type of experimentation in PLAYFULNESS which generates a yield.

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