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Elias terms certain generated and projected energy, actions or expressions as opposition/opposing.

Session #1799:

ELIAS: What would you each identify as an expression of opposition? How do you oppose in any manner?


GEORGE: I get angry.

ELIAS: That is an obvious expression of opposition.

RONDA: I don’t hear.

ELIAS: That can be another expression of opposition.

GEORGE: I get confused.

ELIAS: At times.

HOWARD: Frustration.

ELIAS: That can be, but once again is not always an expression of opposition. But it can be.

LYNDA: Defensive.

ELIAS: Defensive – most definitely, ALWAYS an expression of opposition.

ALICIA: I become impatient.

ELIAS: Impatience can also be an expression of opposition.

PAUL: Passing judgment.

ELIAS: Definitely.

MICHAEL: Aggression.

ELIAS: Definitely. Comparison is an expression of opposition.

NAOMI: Denial.

ELIAS: Yes, at times. Concerning yourself with what other individuals’ perception is is another form of opposition, for it is a form of defense, and any form of defense is opposing.

There are many, many forms of opposition that may be expressed in many moments in each of your days. At times even compromise and even acquiescing can be a form of opposing. Agitation can be a form of opposing.

The point is – especially in this time framework, as I have stated, as it is so easily expressed to be opposing – it is highly significant that you pay attention and be aware of yourself and intentionally cooperate. Cooperation may be expressed in many avenues, and it does not include compromise. Once again, compromise is another form of opposing and therefore is not the point.


You do not merely oppose outside of yourselves with other individuals; you frequently oppose yourselves. You oppose yourselves in what you create, in what you manifest, in what you do not manifest, in what you cannot manifest in your perception, in what you are not manifesting well enough or good enough or fast enough. You oppose yourselves in many, many manners quite frequently.

Session #1861:

ELIAS: We have been discussing acceptance for many years, and many individuals express that they are being accepting and that they understand. And what are you actually doing? What are you actually expressing? Justification of yourselves, defense of your preferences, of your beliefs, of your directions, of your opinions, of your observations. What is defense? DONNA: Opposition. ELIAS: Opposition! We have been discussing opposition strongly. I have been discussing with many, many individuals the significance, the importance of balance and of cooperation — not compromise, not acquiescing, not defending — but cooperating and generating from that direction of cooperation a balance.

The significance of opposing energy is that it causes like energy reflected back.

Session #1970:

ELIAS:These are the actions, also including your physical actions, that are the indicators as to what type of energy you are projecting, which allows you to recognize what you shall draw to yourself. If you are projecting any type of opposing energy, in all of its forms, you shall draw reflections of that in many different forms.

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Session #9999:

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