A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #407:

ELIAS: Now; I express to you that the accomplishment of this effortlessness employs action, and I have expressed previously with individuals that effortlessness is not synonymous with the LACK of action. It is merely a joyfulness within the choice of action that you create which allows you the perception – or in other terms, the reality – of effortlessness.

In this, there are different vibrational qualities within different densities. In your terms of your sciences, you may allow yourselves the information and knowledge of this type of reality. Different vibrational qualities are exhibited in thicker or more dense energies. There are what you term to be more rapid vibrational qualit[ies] to less density within energy. Therefore, as you create less of a thickness, you also move yourself into less of a density within your energy, and in this, you create more of an ease in your movement and within your flow of movement.

Session #102:

ELIAS: Be understanding, this is where your conflict lies; that you try so hard! (Grinning) We have expressed effortlessness, over and over and over again, which is not synonymous with trying so hard! You may instantaneously alter a belief or a perception by engaging a belief. If you believe a creature to exist, you shall perceive a creature! It shall be a reality, as hot sand shall be a reality.

You may also effortlessly, without ‘trying so hard,’ alter this and offer yourself new information; changing your belief and altering your perception, with no effort. If you are engaging effort, you are holding to the existing belief, and struggling against its reality that you have already accepted.

Session #398:

ELIAS: As I speak to you of effortlessness, what I am expressing is that in your creativity and within your intent, as you are following in those movements and you are creating within acceptance and trust of self and you are incorporating fun within your creativity, your action and expelled energy shall be effortless and shall be producing the sensation of joyfulness.

Now; this is not to say that your creation in this manner shall not be requiring of any movement and manipulation of energy or action, for it shall.

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Effortlessness and playfulness are in perfect alignment with Abraham. One of their favorite sayings are:

ABRAHAM: Follow your bliss!

ABRAHAM: When you follow your bliss it is always an easy journey!


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