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Elias uses the word belief in almost every session. A belief is an aspect of a belief system, as he describes it in his bird cage analogy and sometimes Elias seems to use the term belief system when referring to multiple beliefs.

A belief however is a construct which influences the creation of reality.

**Session #1270**:

ELIAS: Understanding what you value is another element of becoming familiar with yourself and with your preferences and with your beliefs. Every action that you incorporate within your reality is influenced by a belief. There is NO movement that you engage within this particular physical reality that is not influenced by a belief.

Elias offers the ball and stick analogy where he tries to illustrate, how bliefs and perception interact in creating reality. Beliefs (and belief systems) are an element from the blueprint of this physical dimension and therefore a basic element of it. Without beliefs there would be no reality.

**Session #331**:

ELIAS: This dimension that you have created within a physical focus is based in your belief systems. It is an intricate element of your physical manifestation within this particular dimension. It has been created purposefully. If you are eliminating of your belief systems, you are also eliminating of this particular physical dimension expression! Therefore, this is not the point.

One common misconception about beliefs is that they are problematic and that they need to be avoided or eliminated. However, here is an Elias quote where he outlines, that this is not neccessary (in fact it is impossible).

**Session #1357**:

ELIAS: This is the significance of genuinely generating an objective understanding of what you actually incorporate within this physical dimension - that beliefs are not your enemy and that they are not to be eliminated, but rather that you move your awareness to a wider expression and recognize that you actually incorporate a myriad of beliefs to choose. Rather than your familiar association with beliefs in automatically viewing them as bad, the point is to recognize that they are an integral expression and design of this physical dimension, and (that) to be incorporating optimum movement and creativity within this physical dimension, to allow yourself to be incorporating the choice of all of them - use them rather than attempting to eliminate them - and the manner in which you use them efficiently is to neutralize them in association with judgment.

Now; as I have stated, duplicity is a belief system also and it incorporates beliefs also. Those are not to be eliminated either, but rather to be recognized in relation to PREFERENCE or the lack of preference, not in absolutes. But you may continue to incorporate your opinion and your preferences, knowing that they are relative to you, and not an absolute.

**Session #889**:

ELIAS: Your beliefs, your belief systems, are an integral design of this physical dimension. They are not being eliminated. They are in actuality an expression of the blueprint of this particular dimension. They are an aspect of its structure. Therefore, you are not eliminating your beliefs and your belief systems.

More Quotes:

**Session #1116**:

ELIAS: Very well. I am understanding of your direction of your questioning. I am merely offering responses also to be reminding you of your alterations of terms, for this is an aspect of this shift in consciousness, altering terms and altering your reality, redefining.

Now; in this, what is duplicity?

RODNEY: Purposeful self-deception.

ELIAS: No. It is a belief system. Duplicity is one of the belief systems. There are many, many aspects and expressions of it. What is the point of this shift in consciousness?

RODNEY: To be more aware, wider.

ELIAS: To be accepting beliefs, belief systems and yourselves, and therefore offering yourselves the objective ability to intentionally direct yourselves without conflict, that you may create what you want intentionally in an objective awareness. This is accomplished in acceptance of your beliefs.

What have you been, to this point, attempting to generate? To change your beliefs or to eliminate your beliefs. You may not eliminate beliefs. You may shed them if you are disengaging this physical reality. If you continue within this physical reality, which is a choice, you shall continue to incorporate beliefs. Even subsequent to the completion of this shift in consciousness, you shall continue to generate beliefs, for it is an aspect of the blueprint of this particular physical dimension.

**Session #6:**

ELIAS: This is a common problem in this focus. Your physical body will express, physically, your beliefs, at given points in your physical manifestation. When you are disconnected, or are having conflict within your belief systems, you create situations that reflect your confusion. All physical manifestations are direct reflections of your beliefs.

We will address the subject of your beliefs in great detail. Your entire existence, and everything about it, revolves around these beliefs. What you believe is what you will be! If you believe yourself to be healthy, you will be healthy. If you believe yourself to be vulnerable, you will be vulnerable. If you believe yourself to be thin, you will be thin! We will comment on one more thing of beliefs. Just as in passing from your manifestation in a physical existence, your beliefs do not just disappear, this will suggest to you how deep and important they are. It will also give you clues as to how difficult they may be to change.

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