A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #510:

ELIAS: Guilt, I shall express to you as I have expressed many times previously is one of the two manifestations of energy within this physical dimension that you express that may be the most closely associated with a waste of energy. In actuality, there is no waste of energy. Therefore, I may not express to you definitively that the expression of guilt is absolutely a waste of energy, for no energy expression is wasted, so to speak.

But I shall express to you, were there any expression of a waste of energy, the expression of guilt and worry would be those. These two expressions of energy serve merely to perpetuate the belief system of duplicity. They reinforce all that you identify as negative.

They reinforce the expression of a discounting of self, a lack of acceptance of self, and they create an expression of devaluation of worth, which in a manner of speaking, figuratively speaking is an expression which is contrary to consciousness and essence.

I am not expressing that it is not a creation that may serve or that has served as beneficial to you within this physical dimension within different moments of your history, but I shall express to you, within consciousness, were there to be an expression of an unacceptable manifestation of energy, these expressions would be they.

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