A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Elias usually concern in the sense of projecting attention outside of self and placing judgment on the expressions of others which usually leads to problems. But he also stresses that concern and caring are different expressions.

Session #1398:

ELIAS: Concern is different. Concern is a projection of your attention outside of yourself and focusing your attention on outside elements in judgments. You express concern in comparisons and judgments that one direction is better and one direction is worse. You concern yourself with another individual for they are not expressing well enough. They are not creating their reality well enough, and you within yourself know a better method.

Session #1105:

ELIAS: CONCERNING yourself with the expressions or choices or behaviors of other individuals is an expression of judgment. It is a projection of your attention outside of yourself, not incorporating responsibility for self, and holding your attention upon other individuals, which is quite familiar. And in that familiarity, you generate an automatic response, which is also quite familiar, of judgment.

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Session #1166:

ELIAS: It matters not that your partner chooses not to engage this forum. It matters not that your partner may engage a different philosophy from yourself. What matters is that you allow yourself to not incorporate the expression of being threatened by difference, that you allow yourself the freedom of your expression of yourself without limitation, not concerning yourself with the choices or the expressions of other individuals — this is not the same as not caring — but not concerning yourself and therefore attempting to twist your choices to be accommodating other individuals’ choices.

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