A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #185:

ELIAS: Belief systems are relative only to physical focuses within each dimension. They are not relative to non-physical focus. Therefore, transition is that area of consciousness which allows you the opportunity to discard or shed these belief systems, acclimating yourself to subjective awareness.

You presently hold basically an understanding of objective awareness. As you move into transition, you transition from objective awareness into total subjective awareness, for objective awareness is also relative to physical focuses.

Session #158:

ELIAS: The subject of transition is lengthy and complicated. It is also quite individual within the actualization and movement. There are some commonalities that we may discuss that individuals may experience, although even within these there are variances; for each focus experiences different elements and events within transition. Initially, I will address to belief systems that individuals hold; not necessarily within this group present physically, but within individuals who are privy to this information.

As you choose to disengage physical focus you enter into an area of consciousness, an action, which we term transition. I have stated many times that the time framework, in your terms, is quite different from the time framework of the individual experiencing transition non-physically. Therefore, initially I will express to you that within your physical time framework that you recognize, it may appear to you that an individual may continue within this area of transition for very many years. This is not to be of concern.

Therefore, it is unnecessary to concern yourselves with the thought process of acquiring a method to be helpful to these individuals to be moving them through transition more quickly. This would be what many individuals within their belief systems term to be helpful to individuals on the "other side", guiding them into the light. This is a belief system.

Each individual engages the action of transition for the amount of time, in your terms, that is necessary for them to be accomplishing addressing to their belief systems and disengaging themselves from these belief systems, to be moving within consciousness. Within non-physical action of transition, the individual does not experience time in the same manner as do you.

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Session #296:

ELIAS: This is NOT a negative action. Be understanding of this! Energy must be expressed. Energy is ALWAYS expressed, and if it is not allowed its natural expression, it shall express itself in other manners. Once disengaging physical focus, the energy shall be expressed in a natural manner which shall be creating of imagery in alignment with those issues which have not been addressed to within physical focus.

Now; I express to you strongly, this is NOT – underline not – a reviewing of your lifetime, so to speak. It is NOT karma. It is NOT punishment. It is NOT an automatic action that is created by some outside force which moves you into the area of accountability. It is a CHOICE which is automatically entered into after disengagement to be releasing objectively held energy in the area which has been held in shrines and issues which were not chosen to be engaged or moved through within physical focus.

Therefore, there is engaged a TEMPORARY – underline temporary – situation with these individuals that they shall engage before the action of transition, a shedding or a releasing of this held or pent-up energy which is directly related to one individual focus, therefore allowing more of an ease and a balance once moving into the area of transition and the action of viewing all focuses and of meshing all focuses in the shedding of objective awareness.


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