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This is one of the essence families.

Session #67:

ELIAS: Your color of pink, your new category; this essence represents the family of Borledim. This family is concerned with your earth stock. Their primary focus is to be creating of new individuals. They are very family-oriented, this being their priority. They are excellent parents. They take great care in nurturing. Their primary function, within physical focus, is to produce. They stop at nothing to be accomplishing this goal, and they are quite accomplished at realizing this. They produce balanced, centered individuals. They produce directed individuals for essence families. When essence families are needing of representatives within physical focus, they align within agreement with this essence family to produce the stock.

These individuals possess great affection, great understanding, and tremendous patience. They may not always appear, as individuals, to be extremely patient within their physical expression, but within their intent, they may be quite patient; for although their intent is to be producing of this stock, they do not always possess physical capability of accomplishing this normally, or within what you term to be reasonable amounts of your time. They incorporate tremendous patience in the pursuit of their accomplishment. They are very singularly focused, and do not deviate. Once accomplishing, they produce tremendous individuals, quite crediting. They also are not self-sacrificing, for they are quite understanding that this is defeating; for in being the good tree and exhibiting the example for their young, they produce individuals who possess an understanding, realistically balanced, of how to incorporate physical life. They also possess, within this balance, a great fairness.

Many do incorporate bearing of these young quite easily, and produce many. You will find many of these individuals possessing, so to speak, eight or twelve or fifteen young ones within one family.

They also are great believers in extended families, incorporating all aspects of family living to be allowing the experience, to the small ones, of all others within the family unit that may be contributing. Many of your cultures that you view to be undesirable or backwards incorporate many individuals of this family. You will find, within these cultures, that they do not express irritation with small ones. They do not block impulses. They are not concerned with "right" behavior. They are allowing of experiences. They direct, but they are not intrusive.

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