A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Knowing of Self

Session #667:

ELIAS: In this, the worth of self is expressed in the knowing.

The knowing of self is, as we have discussed previously, not necessarily your identification of interpretation through thoughts or emotions or outside validation, for all of these expressions may be influenced by your beliefs and affected by your perception.

The knowing of self, the knowing of YOU and what you ARE and WHO you are, is innately you. And in this, this expression or this innate knowledge is NOT influenced or dependent upon your beliefs or your perception, for it extends beyond merely this physical dimension.

You may access this knowing of your worth through an action of releasing tension within your energy, incorporating a relaxation of your energy, and allowing yourself to become familiar with YOU.

I am aware that I have expressed this many times to all of you thus far. I am also aware that thus far, these are incorporated for the most part as words, and that you are not quite incorporating even the beginning point, to be allowing yourselves to become familiar with you and therefore offer yourselves an objective recognition of your worth, as it IS innately you.

Session #869:

ELIAS: I say to you, my friend, the expression of knowing is innate within you. In relation to other individuals, you already know them. In relation to yourself, this may be more challenging.

For in the expression of separation and in the design of your physical dimension, you have created a type of blueprint which, for the purity of your experience, what you have separated is your knowing of self, not your knowing of other individuals. You provide yourself with a design of physical expression that continuously reflects and mirrors to you imagery of yourself, that you may allow yourself to know yourself. It is unnecessary to know other individuals, for you already allow yourself that expression.

Session #1035:

RODNEY: …It's kind of like a validation on an incredibly deep level to be willing to stand in the place of not knowing and still moving forward.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

RODNEY: That makes sense to you? (Laughs)

ELIAS: Yes. But I also express to you once again, this is an expression of your perception, the identification of not knowing, which in actuality you DO incorporate the knowing. What you are not recognizing is your ability to translate the knowing that you incorporate objectively. Therefore, what you are expressing is actually not a lack of knowing but allowing yourself a comfort to rest in the expression of not entirely generating your objective ability to be translating the knowing.

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