A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #644:

ELIAS: You are an aspect of consciousness. You term that the universe is unfolding, and your desire [is] to be understanding or knowing of this unfoldingness of this universe.

Let me express to you, the universe, so to speak in what you view as the universe is the expression of YOU. YOU are what is unfolding, and this is reflected in all that is outwardly projected, which manifests in physical exhibitions of matter and solidity and configurations of time frameworks and expressions, all that occur within the movements of all that you have created within this universe, so to speak. It is not directing you. You are directing it, for you ARE it. It IS you.

Session #481:

ELIAS: … I have expressed previously, there are many, many, many, many universes and dimensions within your one dimension that you recognize. There are dimensions of time; there are parallel dimensions; there are probable dimensions. All of these dimensions are, in a figurative manner of speaking, subdivisions of what you view as your officially accepted dimension.

Session #329:

ELIAS: The word 'universe' applies to each particular dimension. This be the reason that I am not incorporating this terminology to be referring to all of consciousness. Your universe encompasses all that you know and view within your particular physical dimension. But there are countless physical dimensions which each hold their own universe or expanse of consciousness within a given space arrangement. And within this, the organization of aspects of consciousness are structured in a fashion to be creating of physical matter within the construct of a given time thickness.

Time itself is a construct of the links of consciousness. You think to yourselves in terminology of objects or things, for this is what you are accustomed to viewing within physical focuses. Therefore, your identification of all of the cosmos, or all of your universe as you know it, is translated into physical terms, which may be translated into elements of matter.

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