A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Accessing Information

Session #848:

ELIAS: Information is accessed through awareness. As an essence may not be focusing attention within physical dimensions, there is not the incorporation of beliefs or the incorporation of the designs of particular physical dimensions. As example, this physical dimension incorporates a design which is expressed in sexuality and emotion. This is an aspect of the blueprint of this particular physical dimension. In not holding attention or participating in a physical dimension, an essence also does not incorporate those designs of expression.

Therefore there is less limitation, for the attention may be allowed simultaneously to be incorporated in tremendous diversity. My attention is focused in MANY directions simultaneously, and I hold an awareness of all of the attentions simultaneously.

You hold an awareness of ONE focus of attention, in keeping with the design of this physical dimension and how you have chosen to be creating it. Therefore, accessing information is merely a movement of turning my attention in different directions.

Some information may be in relation to other essences. In that situation, my attention is turned to the mergence of this essence of myself with another essence, to access that information which may be requested. Or, I may create a curiosity concerning experience of another essence. Therefore in turning my attention into a mergence with another essence, I may access that information.

You may also create very similar actions, for you have chosen to be manifest in this time framework in which you are inserting a shift in consciousness into this dimension, which is dropping the veils of separation and allowing you to continue to incorporate physical manifestation within a physical dimension…..but also open your awareness and your accessibility within this physical dimension to many more aspects of consciousness and other dimensions.

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