A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #475:

ELIAS: Purpose is what you are accomplishing within every moment in every movement that you create in your exploration. You are purposefully creating your exploration. Your intent is your direction.

Session #493:

ELIAS: You are continuously exploring, for all of consciousness is continuously exploring and creating and becoming. And in this, you are continuously exerting your creativity to be creating new elements of reality.

Now you offer yourselves the opportunity to explore new areas of your reality, inserting new and exciting elements into your physical reality, in which I have stated previously, your science fiction becomes more as science fact, and your science fact becomes recognized as natural.

Session #997:

ELIAS: You are wondrous and great. It is merely a matter of your discovery of that, and in this, I may express to you ‘what is your purpose?’ – your purpose is becoming. Your purpose is movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, to turn your energy and your perception from outside of yourself to the exploration of folding in upon yourself and exploring all of the wondrousness of you.

Session #1695:

ELIAS: It is significant that individuals discover their intent themselves, for this is an action that offers you significant information concerning yourself. And, it is helpful for you to become more familiar with yourself and your motivations and what your desire is in this particular focus, what your exploration is in this focus, which also explains many of your motivations in different situations and what you draw to yourself and why you draw that to yourself, for it is associated with your intent.

Session #819:

ELIAS: Your manifestation in this physical dimension is a game. It is an exploration. It is not one of cosmic seriousness in which you must be viewing your focus as a growth to be attaining particular levels of enlightenment, or in which you must be creating the right choices. Allow yourself the recognition of the game, and that you are creating experiences in this physical dimension as an exploration, an adventure; and be playful. Allow yourself the joyfulness of laughter, the simplicity of what you associate with children. For in your terms, this is the nature of your spirit.

Shall you not allow that expression rather than the analyzation of all that you create or encounter or draw to yourself? It matters not. Allow yourself to merely express the wonder in all of your reality.

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