A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Regional Area 3

Session #488:

ELIAS: As you disengage this physical dimension, you shall move into another area of consciousness which we designate as Regional Area 3, which is the area of transition. In this area of consciousness, the action which occurs is the shedding of belief systems which are held in conjunction with this particular physical dimension, for they are unnecessary in nonphysical areas of consciousness.

You also shall disengage your objective awareness within this action of transition, for objective awareness is also a creation which is relative and useful within physical dimensions, but is unnecessary within nonphysical areas of consciousness.

Your objective awareness is all that you view physically all that you think, all that you hold in emotion, all that you perceive physically. This is your objective awareness, which is unnecessary outside of a physical dimension. Therefore, this also is shed within the action of transition.

At that point, so to speak, once the belief systems have been shed and the objective awareness has been shed, you hold the choice of movement into any action and any area of consciousness, and you hold the choice to be creating any new action or area of consciousness for your exploration, for essences are continuously within a state of becoming, and in this state of becoming, there is a continuous action of exploration of consciousness and a continuous action of creation of consciousness. This is never-ending.

Now; in this choice to be continuing within any area of consciousness nonphysically, at times, that aspect of essence which has been identified as an individual focus may choose to be projecting an aspect of their consciousness into an element of physical focus within any physical dimension.

This is not to say that they are remanifesting. They are merely projecting an aspect of their consciousness into another area of physical reality to be experiencing that element of physical reality. In this, individuals also create a belief system that they may be reincarnated into a creature. You do not remanifest as a creature. Creatures are not essence. They are a creation of you as essence. Therefore, you hold the ability to project an aspect of yourself into the consciousness of a creature and to be creating a reality in conjunction with a creature, but you do not manifest as a creature, for this would be quite limiting to you within a physical dimension. You allow yourselves much more freedoms of exploration in the manifestation of your species than is allowed, so to speak, in the creation of creatures within your physical dimension, for they are a creation of yours, in a manner of speaking.

In this, in agreement, as they are also consciousness, they have chosen to be creating their reality in conjunction with your design. You have designed this physical dimension, and you orchestrate it, and therefore you also direct it, and in this direction, all that participates within it is consciousness, and is also in agreement with you to be creating itself in the manner that you are directing. In a manner of speaking, you have created an enormous play within this physical dimension, and you are the directors, and all of your reality are the players your atmosphere, your planets, your universe, your mountains, your oceans, your weather, your creatures, your plants everything that is in existence within your physical dimension is a creation of you. You are the directors, and all of it is your players, and you orchestrate, individually and collectively, the movement and the dance of all of it.


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