A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Natural expression of consciousness

Session #992:



PAMELA: Why? Why is that so important?

ELIAS: “For it is a natural expression of consciousness. It is a natural expression of essence to be playful, and playfulness generates into fun within your physical dimension. This is your natural inclination and flow of energy, and this be the reason that it has been expressed to you all in information that the other essence has offered and I have offered also – it matters not. If you are not incorporating fun, do not generate the action any longer.

Session #1074:

ELIAS: Curiosity is a natural expression of consciousness, inquisitiveness, for it is the recognition of motivation of exploring and generating new experiences.

Session #99:

ELIAS: It is the natural expression of your essence to be accepting. Within this one concept, within this one word, lies the whole of your shift, […]

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