A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #193:

ELIAS: Change also is a basic element of your reality. You have been changing all aspects of your reality from its beginning, so to speak. You now are not the same in your creation of yourself as you have been at different time frameworks within your history.

Your form changes. Within each individual focus, you create linear change within one single body form. You do not appear presently the same as you appeared as an infant. Your thought processes change. Your exchange with subjective information changes.

But as you grow, in your terms, you also resist this basic element of yourselves, for you create belief systems that suggest to you that change is not good; this being a basic belief system which has been introduced to you through your religious-focuses.

Change threatens status quo. Therefore, it is unacceptable. This is reinforced throughout your religious elements, throughout your societies, throughout your individual focuses, with your own families.

As very small children, change is exciting until you are taught that it is not a good thing, and you accept that it is something to be feared. Each individual holds an element of this fearfulness. Some hold more than others. Some individuals acclimate themselves in spite of mass belief systems to this natural element of self, and allow themselves to move into areas of change more easily. Some individuals experience tremendous conflict and fearfulness within the action of change, for they align with the mass belief systems that this is not a good action.


Change is only fearful within the context of your belief systems. You may initially experiment with yourselves and allow yourselves to alter your perception of change, as you have not accepted the belief system as yet. But you may attempt to alter your perception temporarily and view all elements of change as an adventure, a new exploration which is your nature. It is the basis of your entire creation of this existence within this dimension.

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