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Session #746:

ELIAS: I have expressed many times, it matters not what you are creating outwardly, your physical imagery. Physical imagery is continuously altering. It is continuously changing. You create physical imagery, and alter this moment by moment. At times, you create repetition in your choice to be creating physical imagery.

This is the abstract aspect of your reality a physical manipulation of energy. This is the reason that you manifest within this physical dimension, to explore and experiment, experiencing the manipulation of physical energy and manifestations, and how you may be projecting your expression of consciousness into a physical arena. This is the abstract.

The clearer aspect of your reality and the one that is, once again, not hidden is the subjective participation of your awareness. But you associate that the subjective IS hidden it is elusive, it is subconscious, it is not in communication with your objective. Therefore, the subjective may move you into expressions and directions that you are not aware of objectively. This is incorrect.

Session #1402:

ELIAS: Now; recognize that objective awareness expresses in abstract terms, therefore abstract imagery. Subjective awareness is more precise. Not that the objective is not precise, but in its preciseness it may incorporate hundreds and hundreds of different types of imageries to express one action or one movement. The subjective incorporates one movement and the objective translates in many, many, many different types of abstract objective imagery.

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Session #9999:

ELIAS: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog …

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