A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



This is one of the essence families.

Session #67:

ELIAS: I shall begin with your first color of red. This is aligned with the essence representing the family of Milumet. This family incorporates the focus of spiritualists, mystics. They manifest mainly within what you will view as primitives. Your Indians of these Americas would fall into this family; many tribes within your continent of Africa; your aborigines also. This is not to say that all individuals connected with this essence family will manifest within a primitive tribe, for they do not.

Their focus is inward. They do not concern themselves with political involvement, social involvement. They generally do not involve themselves, to any great degree, with many other individuals.

Their communal focus is limited and small, for they are mainly interested in seeking; mark this word for Shynla; of truth. They are concerned with continuing and holding the remembrance. (Looking at Ron)

These individuals are very connected with nature. They hold an extraordinary connection with creatures. It is quite easy for these individuals to exchange telepathically, and also empathically, with creatures, and with all elements of nature. They are simple beings. They choose not to be complicating their focus with too much intellectualizing, for their desire is to be continuing with what they view as original. They also incorporate great connection and affinity with elements such as stones, having an inner knowing of the energy that may be transmitted through stones, and radiated out through manipulation. Many individuals manifesting not in primitive tribes may feel an affinity for plants or animals or precious stones, and may surround themselves with these things. They may not understand why they collect these things, other than the idea that they "like" them; but within them there is an inner knowing of identification which aligns them to these families. You will notice, the essences that are connected with each color will bear parallels to the corresponding family.

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