A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #876:

ELIAS: … in my offering of information to you, I choose selectively in recognition of the strength of the expressions of your beliefs and the knowing of the reinforcement movement that shall be incorporated in the expression of information that I may offer within any particular time framework.

And in that expression, I may offer to you limited aspects of information concerning any particular subject matter merely to acknowledge to you an actual existence, so to speak, or validation of reality within your physical dimension and your associations with energy. But I also choose, in relation to your physical movement and your TIME factor, when I shall be offering other information concerning certain subject matters, as to NOT be reinforcing the strength of your automatic responses and alignment with your beliefs.

Session #765:

ELIAS: This information [i.e. essence names, essence family belonging to/aligning with, and orientations], I may express, (humorously) are your cosmic vital statistics. Ha ha ha! (The group laughs) And, in actuality, they may offer you some information concerning self, but I may also express to you they are not of ultimate importance.

Session #127:

ELIAS: We have expressed previously that you will be encountering more information and material that shall be aligned very closely with information which is being delivered, for you are moving into your shift. Therefore, consciousness is aligning and is expressing itself within a harmony.

This may not always appear this way objectively, but the action of the shift is pulling together your consciousness collectively, and creating a harmony in alignment with action and desire and direction.

Therefore, you shall encounter, within your time element as you move futurely, in your terms, more and more interactions and information. This is being already quite reflected within your society. This is not to say that the actual information may always align together, but the actions are becoming noticed, and also more accepted.

Session #1398:

ELIAS: In actuality, I shall offer you a slight secret. Many times I offer information to all of you in much more of a complicated fashion than is necessary. For if I answer you in the genuine answer, you shall be blankly staring at myself and you shall, subsequent to our interaction, be milling ‘round discussing with each other, ‘What did he say? What was that meaning? I do not understand. There must be more, and he has eliminated some of the information.’ No, but you are unfamiliar with the simplicity of actually creating.

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