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Session #862:

ELIAS: And be remembering what the definition of patience is: for patience is not waiting, patience is allowance. Therefore, if you are creating impatience, you are creating a lack of allowance.

Session #510:

ELIAS: You also identify with patience, waiting; to be allowing yourself a time framework of a lack of movement, a lack of action; a waiting period, so to speak.

I express to you that patience is an action. Patience is a movement.

In this, I have expressed to individuals within different time frameworks that they may be exercising patience and this may be helpful within their movement, and as the movement of this shift has intensified, it has become increasingly clear that within physical focus, your identification of the definition of this word of patience is lacking.

Therefore, it may be expressed to you that you incorporate this action of patience, but you hold a lack of definition of what you are being instructed to be doing. Therefore, how shall you be incorporating the action of patience if you do not hold an objective definition of the instruction?

Patience is an allowance. Patience is an objective incorporation of movement; an intentional, objective action of allowance for the natural flow of energy. Patience is a direct implementation of action in conjunction with the selection of probabilities.

Session #510:

ELIAS: Now; returning to the term of patience, you may substitute the word “allowance” for the word “patience,” for the action of incorporating patience is merely the action of allowing yourself to move naturally and to flow within your energy without complication.

This is also a reason in which you experience difficulty with patience, is that this is a simplification of movement, and you are quite fond of complicating movement within this physical dimension! (Grinning) It is fascinating to you to be complicating ALL areas of your physical existence!

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Session #510:

ELIAS: The action of patience is an active participation with the probabilities that you have set into motion in your physical dimension in an allowance of what you have already chosen in conjunction with your acceptance – for acceptance is a different action – and this allowance creates a free flow of energy.

The lack of incorporation of patience is a movement of pushing, which you incorporate in an action of forcing, so to speak, energy that you manipulate.

In this, many times you may place a probability in motion, and you may alter the manifestation of that probability by not allowing the free flow of the energy.

Therefore, you may hold a thought process of an objective want that you wish to be creating and manifesting within your focus. Within the moment of your recognition of that want, you have already set into motion a probability to actualize that want.

You may also alter the actualization of that probability through your lack of trust and acceptance within yourself and your pushing of energy, which redirects the flow of energy, and you may not in actuality manifest that want, for in your lack of patience, you have created an alteration of the direction of energy.

Session #519:

ELIAS: […] patience is not the expression of waiting.

Patience is the expression of allowance, an allowance of a free flow of energy, as it is recognized – in TRUST – that you have already created certain probabilities and certain directions, and you ALLOW their movement and the materialization, so to speak, of those probabilities in your reality. This is the action of patience.

Session #2377:

ELIAS: I have incorporated an analogy recently, which I will offer to you also. Were you to hold a beautiful flower bud in your hand and you want to see it bloom, you would not pull its petals and force it to open. You would engage patience, which is allowance, and you would allow it to unfold itself and bring with it the surprise of what the bloom offers. What appears on the outside as a bud may appear very differently once it unfolds. It may surprise you. It may be pink outwardly, and it may be orange and yellow inwardly, which you may not have expected.

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