A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Essence Families

Elias describes essence families are groupings of essence which are drawn together by expressing like qualities or intents. The term is synonymous to what Seth has called families of consciousness. In relation to a focus, each focus belongs and aligns with an essence family (both can be different).

Session #1080:

ELIAS: I may express to you that in your terms initially there were no designations of essence families, but in initiating the design of this physical dimension and the blueprint, essences generated groupings expressing different qualities and directions, so to speak, of exploration, which translate to you as different intents. In this, these groupings chose collectively to be identified as what you now recognize as essence families with a similarity of direction or intent in its preference of exploration in association with this physical dimension. But the family of Sumafi was not initiating this physical design of this physical dimension

There are nine essence familes in this physical dimension. Each essence family has a designated color and also a title (which oddly enough mostly does not easily mirror their intent) and a main line of interest. The following list is compiled from session #67:

Milumet - The Watchers (red)
Spiritualists, mystics
Gramada - The Formers (orange)
Organizers, initiators
Vold - The Hearers (yellow)
Reformers, change
Ilda - The Tellers (green)
Communicators, exchange
Sumari - The Speakers (blue)
Artists, acting-out
Tumold - The Readers (indigo)
Zuli - The Imagers (purple)
Performers, athletes
Borledim - The Bearers (pink)
Nurturers, parents
Sumafi - The Seers (black)
Keepers of knowledge, teachers.

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