A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #153:

ELIAS: You are always speaking to you! You are only confused, for you are experiencing yourself to be at your fork in your road, or your path, (grinning) at each given choice, regardless of how mundane it may appear, and your thought is, ‘Which choice is the right choice?’

Therefore, you create your drama around your choosing; and as you have created this physical focus, this manifestation, this experience which incorporates great emotional-focus, you perpetuate your drama for your experience.

Eventually, as you continue within this forum, you begin to be realizing that you may be choosing efficiently without your extremeness of your drama, and that your effortlessness appears in this quietness. As you tire of your drama, you shall begin to listen to the quietness and you shall begin to trust. I shall, before breaking, express trust, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust!

Session #901:

ELIAS: As I have expressed to others previously, in actuality this particular physical dimension is one of the most complex and diversified dimensions of all physical realities. In actuality, in this physical reality you offer yourselves such wondrous opportunity for exploration of a physical expression and manifestation, and in this particular reality you limit yourselves much less than many other physical realities. You actually incorporate the ability to be creating WHATEVER you choose. Your challenge is trust, trusting your abilities, trusting yourselves, accepting yourselves, and KNOWING that you do not acquire any thing. You create it. You generate it.

Session #165:

ELIAS: You shall not betray you! You know within you which direction you wish to proceed within. You allow yourselves, as you do not trust yourselves, to be swayed by other individuals and circumstances and belief systems. It is quite difficult within physical focus to be trusting of self, and knowing that you shall not betray you. Individuals express, ‘Trust within the universe, and it shall provide for you.’ I shall express to you, this is not quite so far off. Trust self, and you shall provide for you.


I have stated previously and shall do so now, trust and acceptance are not synonymous. They are two different movements. They are two different expressions. You may be trusting of certain elements of yourself and your abilities and your creations, and not be incorporating acceptance of yourself. Therefore, they are not the same in expression.

Session #307:

ELIAS: And I shall be repeating of this ‘trust of self’ ten-thousand-and-one times, until the point that you each are accepting of the reality of the acceptance of self and trust of self and the discontinuation of looking to authorities and outside of self for your truths, for they are within you! And you need no Elias and you need no government and you need no churches and you need no sciences and you need no authorities to offer them to you, for you hold them already within yourselves.

Session #1142:

ELIAS: This is a matter of trust of yourself, not necessarily an outward physical expression, that which you view as physical manipulation or control, but an actual movement of energy, an actual trust of yourself and that you do incorporate the ability to move energy and accomplish what you want.

This within your physical reality may be deemed slightly more difficult, for this is movement in energy and not solid form, not physical action or manipulation. This is not expressed through concentration objectively or an action that you view to be an actual physical action, such as “shall I meditate upon this subject?” or “shall I express affirmations and this shall move energy.” No.

This is an expression of trust: a lack of doubt, a direction of energy, directing your energy, perhaps incorporating brief translations of thought infrequently, but subsequent to the brief translation of thought concerning an identification of merely what you want relaxing within yourself, relaxing your energy, not doubting that you merely shall generate what you want and allowing that energy to accomplish that. There is no actual physical action that need be incorporated.

Now; at times you may recognize and identify the moments in which you are expressing doubt, and you may choose to dissipate that and to objectively express a trust of yourself and intentionally relax your energy, and this shall be quite effective.

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