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Session #178:

ELIAS: Bleed-throughs may occur in many different ways. This is subjective consciousness, that which you think of in your terminology as unconscious, which is not unconscious for there is no unconscious! All is conscious! But subjective activity and consciousness is that which you are not objectively or wakingly always aware of.

Session #178:

ELIAS: These (bleed-throughs) are elements of yourself. They are elements of your essence; activity, action, events, movement that occurs continuously within the movement of this shift in consciousness. As you have all agreed upon this shift, you allow yourselves now to experience what we term to be bleed-throughs of subjective activity or consciousness into your objective waking awareness. You do this as you would be traumatizing yourselves if you were to be opening entirely at once objectively to all of your subjective knowledge. Therefore, you have chosen to be bleeding through in increments this information. It may be occurring within visions. It may be occurring within events, identifications of other focuses, increased dream imagery activity. You may visually experience differences within your waking state of physical objects and also individuals; this seeming to you at times, without information, to be a distortion of your vision. In actuality, it is a bleed-through of subjective knowledge.

It is as if your dream state may superimpose itself upon your waking state. Within your dream state, your belief systems are relaxed. Therefore, you allow yourself to experience actions, events, and elements that you do not believe you may accomplish within your waking state. Within your dream state, you may fly. Within your dream state, you may accomplish actions that are contrary to your belief systems within waking state; but as within your dream state your belief systems are relaxed and you experience a different time framework which is not linear, you are accepting of more unusual activity, in your terms.

In this same manner, you are now allowing bleed-throughs of this type of activity, such as dream activity, superimposed upon waking state. You may experience differences or alterations in time frameworks. You may experience time moving very quickly or very slowly, which is demonstrating to you inner senses being activated. You may experience viewing an object within your room that momentarily distorts and becomes another object within your vision, and then becomes its original self once again. You may experience scents, smells that are unfamiliar to you. You may experience hearing different elements. You may experience more projection within consciousness, that which you term to be out-of-body-experiences. You shall also notice more of what you view as coincidence. They shall be appearing everywhere, more so than you may explain to yourself!

These are subjective bleed-throughs. These are knowings that you carry with you always but you do not recognize always, for you have created this physical reality to be viewed objectively. Therefore, within your objective reality you are not recognizing of many elements of subjective reality, which parallels and performs in harmony to your objective reality. Within your history, it has been witnessed that only those special few individuals gifted with psychic senses or witchery or sorcery would be privy to these types of awarenesses. Within this present now, as you are moving into the action of your shift, you all begin to experience these elements of subjective awareness and allow a bleed-through into your waking, objective, knowing consciousness, that you may recognize unofficial information; for unofficial information is just as much reality as your accepted official reality. There is only more to it! (Grinning)

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