A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #720:

ELIAS: In this, arrogance in genuineness[?] is a genuine expression of acceptance within self, which needs no force of energy. It merely is. Therefore, there is a calm and a relaxation of energy, an allowance of flow. There is no question in the expression of self, for there is a genuine acceptance of self.

Session #320:

ELIAS: Therefore, arrogance, we may be expressing, may be viewed within your belief systems as the exaggeration of the acceptance of self. Arrogance in actuality IS the acceptance of self, but you also incorporate your duplicity, which expresses to you a false modesty, a false humility.

I express this purposefully, for you may be expressing humility in its true form as a natural byproduct of your own acceptance of self and expression of essence, but this would not be the same expression as YOUR ideas of humility or modesty, for these terms are the terms that you have created with the definitions that you attach to them in denying your own expressions, and thusly denying self.

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Session #9999:

ELIAS: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog …

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