A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #228:

ELIAS: Now we move into the area of responsibility. As you are affecting of your own inner landscapes, you hold the responsibility to yourselves and to all consciousness to be affecting beneficially. As you move into areas of affectingness with other individuals or other focuses, even of yourself, you hold more responsibility, for you are now affecting of another focus. Therefore, you hold the responsibility of the expression of essence. This is very important! It is important that you realize that you DO hold a responsibility within consciousness.

I do not express to you that all of your existence is merely an experience with no responsibility! You experience for the experience; but you also hold tremendous responsibility to be expressing from essence. (Firmly) Expression of essence is not to be concerning yourself with all other individuals and their creation of reality, and creating judgment within you as to other individuals' creations of their reality.

Your responsibility is to be accepting within yourself, and of all other individuals! I may not express this strongly enough. It is very important!

This, be remembering: Each action that you create, you also are affecting within consciousness. Each action that you take, you affect all of consciousness. Therefore, you may quite understand the responsibility that you hold within these actions.

Session #1532:

ELIAS: You ARE responsible for what YOU create. You are responsible to yourself for what you create and you are responsible for what you project within consciousness, and that is expressed within your physical focus. I am not expressing to you an identification of what energy you express to the cosmos, so to speak.

But what energy you express with each other and your interactions, and (distinctly, with emphasis) you may be aware of your energy. I have been interactive with many individuals for a time framework offering information concerning the energy that you express outwardly and configurations of energy, how you project energy, how it is received, how you receive it, how other individuals receive your energy, how you configure energy, how you reconfigure energy.

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