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Co-creation describes the idea, that individuals create reality together, more precisely that in creating together, other individuals are creating something in your reality.

Elias very clearly states that there is no co-creation because everybody creates all their reality and because co-creation would actually mean a denial of choice.

Session #1456:

ELIAS: You are defining your meaning of co-creation and I have expressed many times previously that you do not co-create. You may cooperate but you do not co-create, for that implies that you do not create all of your reality, and that is incorrect.

Your choices are not dependent upon other individualís choices, but the snare is that in actuality you do not realize yet that you actually do create all of your reality. You do offer yourselves examples that you do actually create your reality, but you continue to question that for the familiar association is that you actually do not create all of your reality, that there are some elements of your reality that are created by other individuals. This is what generates much confusion in association with this information with many, many, many individuals. For, this is what I am meaning in the time frameworks in which I express to all of you that you actually do not recognize yet that you create all of your reality, and you do not generate an objective understanding of what that means and how you do it.

Therefore, you continue to perceive that there are some elements of your reality that are not being created by you. In this, there are what we may term to be several of your most significant expressions in your focuses that are the most strongly affected by these beliefs that you do not actually create all of your reality and that some of your reality is dependent upon the choices and the actions of other individuals, which is how you allow other individuals to dictate your choices and you deny your own freedom.

However, there is interaction and cooperation. This may sound like a contradiction, but the interaction is in energy and not in physical terms (although a pysical reality is then created from that energy through perception).

Session #809:

Now; you are correct, you do not create one moment of any other individualís reality; neither does any other individual create ANY of your reality. But as I have stated to you, you do not participate in this physical dimension singularly. There are many, many, many essences which focus attentions and manifestations in this reality also. Therefore, each individual that you encounter objectively is in themselves another focus of essence. It is an actual physical manifestation of another essence.

Now; in this, as you encounter every other individual within your physical dimension, what you encounter is the energy of that individual, and upon the reception of that energy you create a projection of that individual through your own perception. Therefore, you create your own likeness of that individual through your own perception.

Each of you individually projects energy; that energy is received or blocked by each of you from each other. In moments that you receive energy from another individual, what you create is a translation of that energy expression. You filter that energy expression through your own individual associations, through your own beliefs, through your own assessments of self, through your own expectations, and you project outwardly through your perception an image and actions.

Now; that image and those actions are directly associated with the energy you have received from the other individual, but they are also influenced through your perception. Therefore, we may incorporate this example that you have offered.

One individual may be, in your terms, spilling the liquid upon the floor. They are creating an action. They are creating a choice; they are projecting energy in a specific manifestation. That energy is projected outward, not necessarily directly to one individual, but merely projected outward. You, as an individual within physical proximity and interaction with the other individual, receive the projection of energy. Once receiving the projection of energy, you filter that energy through many different avenues of communication within yourself and project it outwardly through your perception and create a very similar event. It may not be identical as an event, but it may be quite similar.

Therefore, the individual creating the action creates an action of spilling the liquid. You create a very similar action in your projection of that individual through your perception.

Now; at times you may be receiving energy from another individual and you may translate it quite differently, and therefore your projection of the event that has occurred in relation to another individual may be quite different from what the individual has created, and therefore your perceptions shall be expressed quite differently. What you view shall be very different.

At times, you do not receive the energy that is projected by another individual; you block. And in this situation, you may create a VERY different perception or creation of reality than the other individual.

However, there is also no assertion or denial of choice in energetic terms, because the exchange

  1. happens in response to our projected energy (there are no accidents) and
  2. allows full choice of how we receive this energy and how we turn it into perception (which creates reality).

Session #1225:

ELIAS: BUT also remember that you do interact with other individuals. You interact with the energy projection of other individuals, and other individuals may project an energy expression with the intention of being hurtful, just as YOU may project energy with the intention of being hurtful. But it matters not, for what is significant is HOW that energy is received and that you recognize that there are no accidents.

Your reality is a wondrous expression. It is, figuratively speaking, an immaculate machine that is perfectly tuned. Therefore, as I express to you each that you are already perfect, what I am expressing to you is that you are so very highly efficient within the design of your physical reality that it may be viewed by yourselves as an amazement. There are no accidents. You draw to yourself precisely the type of energy expression in every moment that you yourself are projecting also as a reflection.

Therefore, in a moment that you may be perceiving your partner to be a monster and you may be questioning yourself in when is he actually projecting this obnoxious energy, he may be projecting energy with the intention of expressing an obnoxiousness and you have precisely generated placing yourself in the environment and the interaction to be receiving that precise expression, in the moment, to reflect to yourself what YOU are expressing inwardly. This not to say that you may be continuously generating comfortableness, but you are highly efficient in what you draw to yourself and where you place yourself within each moment of your reality, and all of it offers you information.

More Quotes:

Session #1742:

ELLA: This is the part that is not clear to me, and I cannot find an answer from the sessions so far. Iím creating my own reality, and this is where it gets hazy. Every individual that comes into my reality, this is the energy that other essences lend into my game? Iíve created this game and they lend the energy?


ELLA: Then I guess what Iím asking is if for a second you just forget about the big picture in our everyday life, it seems to be that the choices that we make affect other peopleís lives or the choices that they make affect your life. Now, the choice that my husband makes affects my life. But I created him?


ELLA: You are saying my responsibility is solely to myself, right?


ELLA: How real is he in my reality? (Group laughter)

ELIAS: He is quite real and all of your reality is quite real, but you are creating it.

ELLA: What is he creating in my reality? What is his part in my reality?

ELIAS: He projects energy to you that you receive, and you configure that energy in any particular moment in association with your direction and what you are expressing within yourself.

ELLA: And Iím doing the same for him…


ELLA: …because weíre both playing games, right?

ELIAS: Yes, and your realities may in any time framework be quite different.

ELLA: And the way we perceive each other ó that probably is very normal to all of you but Iím still trying to catch up ó the way we perceive each other, I guess he sees me differently than I think he sees me…


ELLA: …because itís all just a virtual game to a degree in generating a part of (inaudible). But somewhere weíre still in agreement? What Iím saying is he has his own reality where I lend the energy and he has a partner who he plays with. I have my own reality where he lends the energy. But in my reality, Iím not playing the game with him, he just lends the energy, period, and then I form it. Itís not like we are co-creating?

ELIAS: No! You are not co-creating!

ELLA: Somewhere I read that you are co-creating.

ELIAS: No! You are not co-creating.

ELLA: So basically this is my game?


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