A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Probable Self

Session #279:

ELIAS: Probable self is created by the focus as a projection within alternate realities which appears in choices that have been NOT manifest into your official reality. That is, each time you create a choice that is altering of your direction within your focus, the choices that you have NOT chosen to insert into your official reality become those probabilities which are also manifest, but create probable realities in parallel dimensions to this particular dimension.

Session #986:

ELIAS: … the creation of the probable self is an automatic action. It automatically occurs in time frameworks in moments in which you alter directions. It matters not how you alter your direction. But in any manner that you choose to be diverting your direction and creating a different direction, you automatically create a probable self which continues.

Session #1018:

ELIAS: Probable selves are generated within moments of what you may term to be intense choice, almost in what you may express as crossroad choices. In every moment that you generate a choice which creates a direction, you also generate countless probable selves.

If you choose to be moving your physical location, at the moment that you generate that choice and move your physical location you also generate countless probable selves to be expressing all other probabilities in association with your one choice to move your physical location of your dwelling, so to speak. This is an example of how you generate probable selves. As you choose one mate, you also generate countless probable selves that choose other expressions.

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