A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Links of Consciousness

Session #79:

ELIAS: Before the incorporation of essence, so to speak, there were elements of consciousness. You may also term these to be ‘units,’ which others have expressed previously. These elements of consciousness know no limits of time or space. You may think of these as very tiny black holes. You may think of them, if you will, in physical terms as elements smaller than your smallest physical particles; but these elements are that which create all physical expression. Everything within every universe within every dimension is created by these elements of consciousness, and they are everything. They are not only the driving force behind matter and action, but are matter and action also; this being the basis of what you term to be God.

Session #92:

ELIAS: We will also adjust the term of 'units' of consciousness to 'links' of consciousness, for units imply a closed system. Therefore, in speaking to you of consciousness, I shall employ the terminology of links.

Session #152:

ELIAS: Everything, everything, underline three times, is composed of links of consciousness, for there is no existence that is not consciousness!

Session #1340:

ELIAS: Now; in this, what occurs is you, as essence, choose to be instructing links of consciousness to configure in certain manners to manifest certain creations within your reality. As to the configuration of these links of consciousness in association with creatures, you participate in their creation through your desire and your expression of energy. The creature is manifest through these links of consciousness, and it does express its own individuality and uniqueness.

Now; as you are aware, there are no accidents. Therefore, you draw specific manifestations to yourself. You are participating in consciousness in the creation of those manifestations, and once manifest into physical form, you draw that energy to yourself specifically and purposefully.

Now; as a creature disengages, they do not merely dissipate into some unknown void of consciousness. The links of consciousness have been created and configured in a specific manner to create this individuality of expression. Therefore that remains, and the creature may choose to reconfigure that energy in any manner and may manifest in another form if it so chooses.

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