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Neutralizing Belief

When Elias speaks of neutralizing beliefs (through acceptance), he does not mean eliminating the expression of the belief. Instead, the neutralizing refers to the recognition of how the belief influences and/or limits choice and the removal of judgment around the belief. So, in a way, what is neutralized is not the belief itself, but the possibly limiting grip which it holds upon the process of making choices.

Session #1441:

ELIAS: Now; as you think of your belief, you may think with yourself, “Ah, I recognize this belief and I am accepting of this belief.” Or you may think, “I shall not express this belief any longer; therefore, it shall not be affecting of me.” No. For what you are incorporating is merely translating different information that you are noticing. But you have not actually altered your energy and you have not actually accepted the belief, and in this, you attempt to eliminate the belief.

Regardless that you express to yourself that you recognize that you are not eliminating beliefs, this is an automatic response. You do automatically attempt to eliminate the beliefs, which does not accomplish what you want for the belief may not be eliminated.

TIM: Can you neutralize the belief?

ELIAS: Acceptance neutralizes the belief, but to be genuinely expressing an acceptance of a belief you must be recognizing it, recognizing its influences, how that belief influences you in many different manners, in many different expressions, and generate a genuine lack of judgment, knowing that you continue to incorporate this belief as an expressed belief, but also knowing that you may choose to be moving your energy in different manners.

This is not to say that the belief does not continue to be expressed, it does, but it genuinely matters not. Not that beliefs do not matter, but that in the recognition of the belief what you have discontinued is the judgment of it.

Now; in this time framework, as I have been speaking to many individuals recently, I have identified this new wave in consciousness which is occurring presently, which incorporates the potential to be extremely liberating but may also be quite challenging, for this wave addresses to the belief system of truth. Your truths are those beliefs that are the most strongly expressed.

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