A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #08:

ELIAS: …You only create frustration and confusion within yourself by allowing conflict between basic elements of your essence. As I have stated, your intellect, which we can equate with your thoughts, is a basic element of your essence. It serves a very purposeful and positive connection for you. It gives you information. It has been created for the purpose of processing information for your sensory perception. It was not created to evaluate your emotions. Your essence already can evaluate your emotions. It does not need your thoughts to help it.

Session #109:

ELIAS: Intellect is that element which assesses your experiences and feeds information, within the circle of communication, to the subjective focus.

Session #75:

ELIAS: Now; I am not expressing to you that your intellect is what you would perceive to be negative, for it is not. You have created this, within physical focus, to be monitoring and to be interpreting your world, your perceptions.

But it was designed to be working in conjunction with your inner senses. When you do not incorporate your inner senses, you cut off a vital line to your intellect. It is left alone. It must learn to function and interpret without vital aspects of information. Therefore, it creates information to validate itself.

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