A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #1406:

ELIAS: [….] each individual incorporates a worldview.

Now; upon the choice of disengagement or death, each individual as an individual attention — not the entirely of essence, but in the uniqueness and the wonder of each individual attention or focus — the individual generates a worldview.

Now; this worldview is an energy deposit. Within that energy deposit, in a manner of speaking, is contained not merely all of the information that the individual incorporated as experience within their focus — that is an aspect of what is contained within this worldview — but also beyond. For, what is contained beyond the physical experience is a type of what you may term to be philosophy that that focus expresses in association with nonphysical information also. There is a projection of energy into this energy deposit, this worldview, which expands much farther than the physical experience. It is also a subjective expression.

Therefore, an individual may tap into any worldview of any individual, and they may be accessing information which you may term to be much more comprehensive than what has been experienced in the individual’s focus, which in itself the experiences are considerable. The associations of the experiences and the information of the experiences that have been generated within the individual’s physical focus are considerable, but there are also other elements that are expressed and this is what this individual is tapping into.

Session #268:

ELIAS: A world view is the overall perspective of an individual focus, the general and specific philosophy of each focus of essence, which in energy is deposited into an area of consciousness which may be accessed by any essence and any focus of essence at any given moment.

… A world view is not only accessible to the focuses that are focused within that particular dimension. It is slightly more difficult for you within this dimension or for another focus within another dimension to access across the veils of dimensions those world views which are deposited by particular focuses within particular dimensions, but it is possible to be accessing, although this be another subject altogether.

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