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When Elias speaks about anger, it is an emotion and threfore communication. He also often refers to anger in relation to frustration which is a communication or signal which indicates a narrowing or denial of choice.

Session #790:

ELIAS: Now; anger, I may express to you, is coupled with other emotions, for anger in actuality is an extreme of frustration. Frustration for the most part is associated with communications that may also be expressed in the identification of other emotions.

Generally speaking, anger is not expressed singularly in itself. In a manner of speaking, anger is not a singular emotion in itself. It is an expression which is projected outwardly in relation to other emotional expressions or signals, and in allowing yourself the recognition that anger is, in a manner of speaking, coupled with other signals, you may allow yourself to explore what the other signal is, and once identifying the other signal you may also allow yourself to explore what that expression is communicating to you.

Session #1301:

ELIAS: Also, perhaps you may, in moments that you view yourself to be beginning to generate frustration or anger, allow yourself to stop and inquire within yourself what you want in that moment — not what you want of the other individual, but what YOU want.

As example, if you are interacting with this particular individual and you view yourself to be becoming irritated, rather than expressing the inquiry to yourself “what do I want” and responding to yourself “I want this individual to disappear” — which is an action in which you are projecting your attention outwardly and generating some expectation of another individual — rather, express the question to yourself “what do I want in this moment.”

Once you discover ANY expression that you want — it matters not what you offer to yourself — but once you offer any identification of what you want in that actual moment, allow yourself to act. Not merely think, but incorporate action.

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Session #9999:

ELIAS: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog …

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