A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



session #510:

ELIAS: Counterparts are not individuals. It is an action that occurs between individuals and essences to be offering the benefit of experiences. The action of counterparts is to be offering different experiences without actual manifestation of those experiences within one particular focus.

session #127:

ELIAS: Therefore, you may have several other ‘you’s’ occupying the same time/space within the same dimension. Be realizing that each of these individuals holds their own vitality and individuality. They are you, but they are not you, for they are also themselves; as you are them, but you are not them, for you are yourself; but you are intimately interrelated. The actions that you create within your focus intimately are affecting of those other counterparts which you have chosen to be creating within one focus.

session #132:

Counterpart action is to allow you every angle of experience related to any given subject. Therefore, those individuals which are counterparts to you shall hold the same intent, not within family but within their focus within a subject matter, as do you.

session #1446:

ELIAS: You may encounter and interact with hundreds and hundreds of individuals that you engage counterpart action with. And, you may pay attention to certain individuals and that may be influenced by the counterpart action or it may be influenced by your preferences and personalities. It also may be influenced in a familiarity, if you have engaged other focuses with the individual.

But, you engage counterpart action with many, many, many, many individuals, and in this, not all are even within your time framework. They may be within other time frameworks, for they are all simultaneous, regardless. In this, you do not always recognize the action of counterpart between yourselves.

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