A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Focal Point

Session #254:

ELIAS: You are concentrating your energy within a physical location of your body, allowing yourself to use this area as a focal point. Many individuals choose focal points to focus their attention and energy and allow an opening of their intuitive senses, their inner senses. Some individuals use outside elements such as props, as with crystals or boards or cards or many other different elements. Some individuals use a focal point within a physical area of what they term to be a third eye. Some visualize at the top of their heads.

Others create a focal point within their hands. It matters not. It is a ‘method.’ It is an element that you create to focus your attention upon your abilities inside, your inner senses, and that you may trust that you may project energy to a certain area and it shall bear you out truthfully. You are developing this relationship in energy with this area of physical form.

Session #308:

ELIAS: Just as within certain actions you create focal points to allow yourselves more of an opening to self and to your own awarenesses and to energies, within your objective expressions such as your cards, your crystals, your astrology, your numerology, your rituals, you use these as focal points, as actions that you allow through your belief systems an opening to consciousness and to energy.

Session #275:

ELIAS: “You each allow yourselves to creatively invent, so to speak, in your language of the Gramada, your own individual focal point. This is unique and individualized to yourself. This allows you the trust to enter into areas that your attention would otherwise not incline itself to allow. Therefore, as you have created this officially accepted reality, you also allow yourselves windows; your personal escape routes!


Not all individuals allow themselves a focal point. All individuals hold the ability to be creating of a focal point and to be using and manipulating through consciousness with this focal point, but not all individuals have moved into an area of trust and acceptance within self to allow themselves a focal point. As you move more into your own trust and acceptance of self, you shall find it is unnecessary for your focal point. You may allow this to fly away also, and you may move within consciousness at will without your prop!

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