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Elias describes a single physical life as a focus of essence. According to Elias a an essence belongs to one of the nine essence families like belonging to a certain race - and for each focus an alignment with one of the essence families is chosen.

Session #68:

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) I will also offer to you, within this example, that although I have offered you information of essence families, you will now see, through interaction, that although you may be connected with a particular essence family, there are no segregations. There are no separations or divisions. All families cross over each other.

You may view these families to be the same as "psychic races", just as you incorporate different physical races upon your planet with characteristics of their own, but each also incorporating individuals with their own individual focuses. In this same way, you align with these essence families, who may be also interpreted as races. You each possess your own individual qualities and individuality, but are belonging to essence families.

Therefore, just as within physical focus you may be manifest as of African lineage, therefore your skin tone may be dark, but you may incorporate, within your physical manifestation individually, very different qualities. You may choose to become a medical practitioner which is dominated by another physical race. Therefore, you also possess qualities aligning with other essence families, even though you are incorporated within a specific essence family. Are you understanding of these concepts?

The difference between the two is that the belonging is a quality of essence and remains the same throughout all focuses. The alignment is chosen per focus. Seen from within focus, the belonging generates an underlying tone while the influence of the alignment seems to be more predominant. But both are a choice on essence and focus level.

Session #138:

ELIAS: In what you would term to be overall, or within essence, the essence family that you designate that you belong to, within your understanding, would seem to be stronger. Within the individual focus, they may be, in intensity, the same. They may not be the same, but they may be the same.

Focuses choose alignments with families. These alignments are not necessarily the same family as that which you belong to within essence and its entirety. In this, within the individual focus the alignment is quite strong. Therefore, within your expression, you shall express in accordance with the essence family that you align with, for this is your leaning within this particular focus; although underlying, constant, is your allegiance to your essence family overall, that you are belonging to within essence. Therefore, it also is quite influencing, which you may observe within yourself quite easily. You express quite naturally in alignment with the Ilda family, being quite communicative, but within your persistence of least distortion and your pursuit of excellence within all activity, you display the underlying Sumafi.

Session #67:

ELIAS: I will also begin by expressing to you that you are not "born into" an essence family. You magnate to a family. You are drawn through intent, as metal is drawn to a magnet; the family being the magnet. You, within your individual intents, are the metals being drawn to the families. This may change, if you are choosing. Generally speaking, it does not. This is not to say that it may not, for you always incorporate choices, as I have expressed. Therefore, you may at any moment choose to align more with another essence family.

Session #136:

ELIAS: You may choose, if you wish, the same essence family to be aligning with throughout your focuses. You may also choose to align with different essence families within different focuses. Generally, you do not change your alignment with an essence family within a particular focus.

The expressed qualities in a focus are not limited to those of the essence families of belonging and alignment.

Session #67: ELIAS: I will explain also that all of the families that I will be expressing to you incorporate all qualities of each other. Overall, the majority of the essences magnate to the qualities of the specific family, but all essence families incorporate individuals who display action, partial desire, and manifestation of other essence families.

Mostly alignment is a differet essence families than belonging, but they can be the same for the purpose of intensifying the experience.

Session #258:

ELIAS: In aligning with the same family as you also belong to, you create an intensity within the focus, but as with all focuses you also develop belief systems concerning this alignment. You move through your focus and you may not ever know what your alignment with a family is, but you shall develop belief systems about it, for you develop belief systems concerning your behavior and your behavior follows the intent of the family that you align with. You develop belief systems that certain behaviors that you display are good and certain behaviors that you display are bad. You all create these belief systems concerning the families that you align with. You do not hold this conflict with the families that you BELONG to, but with the families that you align with, you do. In this, in holding double belonging to and alignment of one family within a focus the alignment becomes intensified. There is no element to offset the intent. Just as we have spoken within recent sessions of the difference between the interaction of Dream Walkers with individuals BELONGING to a family and the action of individuals ALIGNED with the same family, there are differences in your behaviors within your alignment.

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Session #9999::

ELIAS: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

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