A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #646:

And this is the point of this shift in consciousness, to be incorporating the remembrance, and I shall express once again, the remembrance is not memory. I am not speaking of incorporating a memory of past events, but of a remembrance, a state of being of self, an acceptance of self the knowing and the acknowledgment of the gloriousness of yourselves, and the incredible exhibition of wonderment and energy expression that you hold.

Session #537:

ELIAS: In the identification of remembrance in what I am expressing to you, this is not the action of remembering some element of your reality or holding a memory, so to speak, but it is the movement into a state of being in its natural flow. In this, the remembrance is the creation, in your objective reality, of closing the circle, so to speak.

Session #355:

ELIAS: All individuals hold all of this information. What you offer in helpfulness is a movement in triggering a remembrance, for this is what you are all accessing, your own remembrances of essence.

For you already hold all of this information, and this be all that I offer to you also, is encouragement to be accessing your own remembrance; not to be imparting your remembrance for you, but to be encouraging you to access your own remembrance for it is your tone and to be encouraging you to be trusting and accepting of self.

For within your remembrance and the forgetfulness within your own oubliettes, you have also forgotten the trustfulness of self, and look to others for your guidance and your direction. But you hold your own direction, and you hold the ability to be steering your own ship!

Session #390:

ELIAS: Holding the remembrance and acceptance of belief systems are two of the base elements of this shift in consciousness, which allows you to open and widen your awareness, which subsequently allows you to be accomplishing your creativity more fully and realizing your abilities more fully.

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