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Lending Energy

Elias Explains what “lending energy” means in relation to expressed energy of other individuals, events, occurrances or ideas (also termed as imagery).

Session #930:

ELIAS: […] if you do not express judgment concerning the choices and expressions of other individuals, you also shall not be lending energy to the conflict. If another individual expresses opposition to you, and your response is genuinely "it matters not," this is an expression of not lending energy to the perpetuation of conflict.

Session #930:

ELIAS: Now; if you respond in like kind, in like manner, and you express judgment or conflict or in your terms upset in response to their expression, you are lending energy to the conflict. Is this clear?

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Session #930:

ELIAS: Let me express to you first of all, the act of connecting or tapping into energy which is being expressed in itself is not necessarily an expression of offering energy to particular expressions that you wish not to participate in.

Now; what you create in association with that is the determination of whether you may be offering energy to the expression or not.

Now; in this, incorporating your example, you have allowed yourself, through the presentment of objective imagery in relation to a game, information concerning movements of energy that are being expressed en masse. These movements of energy en masse are associated with different philosophies and beliefs being expressed in strength and the continuation of judgment in association with these beliefs.

Now; in the mere recognition of tapping into the expressions of these mass energies, this is not necessarily an expression to you that you are lending energy, in your terms, to the perpetuation of that movement. You are, in this aspect of your recognition, merely identifying the recognition of the energy expression itself.

Now; subsequent to that recognition, how you choose to engage that identification of energy is the defining factor of what direction you shall choose to express your energy. Therefore, if you are hypothetically receiving the identification of what you have presented to yourself concerning the imagery and symbology of the struggle between East and West, or the fight and the trauma, and you engage participation in this game and express judgment in relation to other individuals, I may express to you, in that hypothetical scenario you shall be lending energy to the perpetuation of what you do not want to perpetuate.

But hypothetically, if you allow yourself to engage participation in association with this game and you are playful and you continue to hold your attention upon self, and you merely engage participation with other individuals and do not express judgment in relation to your own expression or in relation to the other individual's expressions, I may say to you that you are lending energy to the type of movement that you wish to be lending energy to in not creating trauma or struggle or conflict.

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