A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Energy Field

Session #64:

ELIAS: Essence incorporates energy. It incorporates, usually, an energy field; energy fields being different than only energy, for energy fields are directed energy. You, within physical focus, view energy fields as containment; therefore you would equate an essence as being contained by an energy field. Although it is not contained, it does possess energy fields.

Dispersed essences are energy, but do not incorporate energy fields. Therefore, the difference would be likened to a bubble; and the air within the bubble as being one essence, and air with no bubble as being a dispersed essence; both containing the same air, both incorporating the same energy; one incorporating energy fields, one not.

Session #1349:

ANJULI: Interesting. Can our energy field be very, very large so that it always feels like being everywhere?


ANJULI: When it does not seem to be so large, is it then that sometimes my attention is not on this large part? Or is the large part feeling less… Is there a part of my energy field that feels more filled with energy, or is it more because of how I put my attention? Is my energy everywhere the same in my energy field, the same intensity?

ELIAS: No, not consistently and it fluctuates. For if you are expressing an openness, you generate a much broader or vaster energy field. If you are constricting yourself, your energy field retracts.

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Private Session (unpublished):

ELIAS: "For your energy field is the energy avenue which allows you to interconnect with any other energy, any other manifestation, any other individual, any other essence and receive that energy as a language.

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