A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #167:

DREW: “If physical focus is really just a specific awareness of essence, a particular part of essence … You refer to the ‘you’ when you say, ‘you make the choices, your belief systems,’ and other times you refer to the ‘you.’ I’m wondering what the ‘you’ is, who the ‘I’ that makes these choices is. Is it just the bundle of thought processes that are associated with my focus? Or if there is no division, what is the me that’s making these decisions and having these needs and desires and experiences?

ELIAS: The ‘you’ is your individual personality tone within consciousness. It is not separate from all of consciousness, although it is unique and identifiable as you.

Let me express to you in like manner, in what you may identify within truths. All of tone is contained within one. All of color is contained within one, although you may identify different vibrational qualities and isolate different identities. This does not change, that those qualities are still within one.

In this same manner, you hold your own individuality within personality within your creation and you are directing of that creation, but you are simultaneously also not separate and within the whole of consciousness, and are the whole of consciousness.

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