A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #672:

ELIAS: Yes. You create outwardly, objectively, in reflection, so to speak, of what you are creating inwardly. (Intently) You create what you concentrate upon. I am not speaking to you of thought. I am speaking to you of the concentration of your attention in energy, and your concentration moves in direct alignment with your belief systems. Your belief systems are directly influencing of your perception. Your perception is the instrument which you incorporate in this physical reality to be creating your reality. Therefore, as you concentrate your energy in your beliefs, you create the manifestation of those beliefs.

Session #1614:

Concentration is that element of yourself that focuses on and expresses your beliefs, and whichever belief your concentration is focused with, you shall manifest some expression or some manifestation within your reality that reflects that belief in some manner. That is how you identify your concentration.

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