A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Building Blocks/Structure

Session #96:

ELIAS: First, I express to you: Thought is reality. I have expressed this to you many times. (Smiling) Within your creation of any physical manifestation, you project thoughts to be manifesting these creations many times. Therefore, visualize your “building” to a physical expression. Each thought projected is as a block. Each subsequent thought becomes another block, placed atop of the previous block; therefore creating many blocks, stacked. As these blocks build, they eventually, within an accumulation of energy expressed, become a physical reality; a manifestation that you may view and experience.

Now, I express the reverse: In “uncreating” a reality that you have manifest, you uncreate through thought, as I have expressed, by removing these same expressed blocks. You view this word of block to be an action; a “setting off.” I express to you, this word, within our context, shall be used as an object; a building block. Each thought has been manifest into a building block. As you are removing the creation to be reforming this energy into another expression, you remove each “thought block” until you have disassembled your structure. Within the disassembling of this structure, the energy is released from each building block and instructed, within consciousness, to be remanifesting within another creation of your choice. You may choose to be creating; you may choose to be uncreating and recreating; you may choose to be effecting no action. It is your choice. (Firmly)

See Exercise: Building Blocks (belief systems)

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