A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Beginning Focus

Elias explains the particular feeling tone that is associated with being a beginning focus.

Session #282:

ELIAS: Now; the designation of the beginning focus is merely a designation that one particular focus has initiated all of the focuses to be manifest simultaneously within your dimension. Therefore, the individual feels within them during their focus that they are the "new" or the beginning, and that – within their belief systems – they have not been reincarnated before.

Session #163:

ELIAS: Within your initiating focus, you will not hold an awareness of your final focus. The feeling shall appear different. This also is a very creative action within physical focus, for you endow yourselves with feelings of each focus. Those focuses remanifesting, which are not initiating or final, know that they are continuing. The manifestation which is initiating feels new. It feels as if it is a blank slate. It holds no memory. A final manifestation may feel the feeling of the initiating manifestation, but also will feel its finality. It knows it is disengaging physical focus. It prepares for non-physical. Therefore, you always know where you are within your focuses. You are not such a mystery to yourselves!

Session #293:

ELIAS: In this, one focus is designated as the beginning focus, for that is the initiating focus. Think to yourself of an atom, one singular atom, but in its movement it may be spontaneously exploding into many particles. The beginning focus is the initiating focus that splits all of the focuses simultaneously into action. It is the spurring focus, and the individual that occupies that particular focus shall hold a knowing within regardless of their identification objectively of it that they are new, that they are viewing a new, wondrous exploration of creation, and within their belief systems they shall feel within themselves that they have not manifest before, for this is the designation of the initiating of the explosion into a particular physical focus by this one focus, and its attachment to the belief systems which are in alignment with reincarnation. There is no reincarnation. They are all simultaneous.

Session #1110:

ERIN: My first question is, how come sometimes I feel a lot of activity in my energy centers, like my orange energy center in the past couple of days, and my red energy center when Im around my brother? Generally I think I feel a lot of activity in my energy centers.

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that this is not unusual in relation to a beginning or initiating focus. Generally speaking, although once again it is not a rule, but generally, initiating focuses incorporate heightened sense awareness, inner and outer senses, and incorporate a heightened awareness of their physical manifestation. In this, in a manner of speaking, you generate a tremendous sensitivity to the projection of energy of these energy centers, of all of your energy centers, but you may focus your attention upon one or several of them within any time framework.

Elias' comment on the function of a beginning and final focus.

Session #1110:

ELIAS: […]You are essence. Every essence incorporates countless attentions, and in this physical dimension each attention manifests in a physical expression. All of the focuses are simultaneous. In this, one is designated in the action of initiating all of the focuses to be manifest in that simultaneousness, and one is designated as the final focus, in which, as that final focus disengages from this physical dimension, all of the other attentions also disengage from the physical dimension. Therefore, you are the attention that is the spark of the sparkler.

Some "statistics" …

Session #1110:

ELIAS: You are a beginning focus, which we encounter quite few of in this forum, a designated beginning focus.

Session #1123:

ELIAS: Many times beginning or initiating focuses are future focuses or may be recognized as a future focus in this time framework, for an essence may choose not to be incorporating more focuses of attention within your linear time framework beyond the insertion of this shift in consciousness. But many times an essence may choose to be incorporating the initiating focus as a future focus in association with preference and ease in manifestations, and in a manner of speaking in association with the type of exploration that shall be generated in association with your linear time, and may choose a final focus designation within what you view to be past focuses, in association with the type of manifestations and cultures that may be generated within what you view to be past centuries.

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