A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #08:

Emotions or feelings are an expression of your essence. They are an experience. You create them more difficultly than is necessary. You confuse yourselves. Your intellect was created to interpret outside stimulation. It has been created to help in your understanding of your experiences and creations. It was not created to evaluate other functions that are basic to your essence.

Your feelings are basic to your essence. Where you create conflict and unnecessary discomfort is when you allow the intellect to interfere with natural processes of impulses and emotion. You take two basic elements of your essence, and pit them at odds with each other. In doing this, you create confusion and conflict.

Your emotions are there for a purpose. You are a social species. Your emotions are your connections. Because you allow your intellect to question them and interfere with them, you create much pain within yourselves. This is unnecessary.


The first element is to recognize when a belief is creating conflict between thought and feeling. You will understand when this conflict occurs. The way you will understand is that you will have to choose between a thought or a feeling.

When you are in harmony and your beliefs are not creating conflict, you will not have to choose between thoughts and feelings. This occurs every day of your focus.


There are many people who disconnect from their emotions and invalidate their essence by denying their feelings. In another sense, you allow intersection with your intellect in thoughts that sometimes invalidate your feelings. It is a positive tool.

Be open to your feelings, because they are a natural expression. It is incorrect to invalidate them, ever. Underlined! The way you invalidate these feelings is by allowing your thoughts to interfere with them.


Session #1382:

ELIAS: There are some expressions that you may classify as feelings that are not necessarily associated with an emotional communication, which at times may offer some confusion for you or other individuals. At times you may be identifying that you are experiencing a feeling, which may be recognized as a type of sensing rather an emotional signal of a feeling, or at times you may also be experiencing a feeling which may manifest in a physical experience also.

Now; these may not necessarily be associated with an emotional communication. You may be experiencing feelings in association with energy, which may be received from other individuals or in relation to other individuals. Not necessarily that they may be projecting energy to you, but you may be generating an energy expression in association with other individuals and this may produce a particular feeling, which does offer you information.

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