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Energy Centers

Energy Center is Elias' term for points in (and outside) the body where energy is concentrated. Various functions and colors are associated with each energy centers. (If you are interested in the location or meaning of specific energy centers, please see the see also section below.)

Session #133:

ELIAS: Your energy centers are not physically, absolutely located within an absolute area of your physical body. They are not an object inside of your physical body. They are energy, which radiates from within outward. Therefore, they also are creating of the energy field which surrounds your physical form.

In this, you may visually see actual colors of a physical energy field which surrounds your physical form, this radiating out from these energy centers and manifesting in what you call an aura. At different times and for different reasons, being influenced by different energy centers, your energy field may appear to be different colors, or a mixture of different colors. One may be, at any given time period, more predominant than another, or you may have no predominant color and you may have an intertwining of all of the colors. Color is a truth. It is an absolute.

Session #96:

ELIAS: Within this also, you are affecting of other expressions that you have created purposefully, within physical focus, to be generating your energy for your physical expression; this being your energy centers. These energy centers, to which we have expressed information previously, hold great power in movement. They are the motivating, influencing force, within consciousness, that allows your physical expression to continue. Within these energy centers of your body, you hold elements of your essence consciousness; identification, language, knowing. These are elements that you bring with you into your physical expression. You hold these identifying elements within these energy centers; therefore, these energy centers are quite affecting of you. I have expressed to you previously, these energy centers may be affecting of you, and you may be unaware of their affectingness; but if they are not functioning properly, for you are interrupting their functioning, you will be experiencing their affectingness.

Belief systems may also be affecting of these energy centers. Within the reality of your creation, all of your manifestation is directed through your subjective self. Your energy centers are elements of your objective self. They are physical elements expressed within the manifestation of your physical expression. They are its generating power, and your connection, within energy, to your subjective self; and ultimately, to essence. (Pause) In this, you may view your subjective self as your Source Event, upon an individual scale. You may view your individual energy centers as your mass events, upon an individual scale; for within them, they generate your mass events within the consciousness of your physical being; and they are very powerful. I have expressed, many times to you previously, of the power that you hold. You are beginning to view just how very powerful and connected you are!

Session #755:

ELIAS: The energy centers are the energy expression, or physical manifestation in this physical dimension, of the essence of you. They are the expression of consciousness, translated into physical dimension, which are in actuality the essence expression of you in physical form, so to speak. Therefore, all that is created within your physical reality, in the physical aspect of it, is expressed and manifest through the projection of energy from these centers.

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Session #1250:

ELIAS: Yes, and your energy centers associated with those colors, which are not contained within your physical body consciousness. They are outside of your physical body consciousness, but they are also associated with your energy field.

DEBI: Is it similar or is this a whole other thing occasionally I get an incredibly beautiful almost like a lit-up stained glass window type imagery just incorporating all these colors, and its just almost too much to take in. And (snaps fingers) it lasts that long; otherwise I think it would just kill me. Its just too beautiful, you know what I mean? Is that a similar…?

ELIAS: Yes, associated with your energy and what you project within your energy centers. The combination of these energy centers creates the energy field, which incorporates all of these energies and does express that type of aura, so to speak.

DEBI: It looks so structured though, as if Id put together the most magnificent stained glass that ever existed in the imagination.

ELIAS: I am understanding, for in a manner of speaking it is likened to a mosaic. For dependent upon the energy that you are projecting with each energy center, it creates different patterns within your energy field which is, in a manner of speaking, a type of mosaic.

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