A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Session #1511:

ELIAS: Individuals incorporate the expression of relaxation in many different manners, and not all of those manners are what you would term to be calm or quiet. It is the desired effect that is significant, and however that desired effect is incorporated is acceptable.

It may not necessarily be expressed in that quietness. Some individuals incorporate rigorous, strenuous physical activity to be generating that relaxation within themselves, which allows them to relax their energy. Some individuals may choose to be generating visualizations or meditations and quietness, but that is not necessarily efficient for all individuals. It is significant that you pay attention to yourself and once again allow yourself to be intimately familiar with yourself, with your preferences and with your natural movement.

This is a time framework in which you all incorporate an excellent opportunity to be genuinely paying attention and noticing what different types of energy you are expressing without the imposed structure, what flounderings you are experiencing and doubts you are experiencing without the imposed structure.

But it is also an excellent opportunity for you to become familiar with yourselves and understand what you naturally generate in your individual energies to generate your own expression of structure or routine, and actions that allow you to relax and also allow you to be more open to your communication of imagination, which shall be inspiring.

Session #578:

ELIAS: Understand the key point the tension. This is key.

Recognize that relaxation is not necessarily the expression of deep breaths and physical body relaxation. This may be one expression of relaxation, but it is not the entirety of relaxation. Relaxation creates allowance.

As you are struggling and battling with yourself, you also create a tension. Therefore, if you allow yourself to merely relax and not incorporate this tension, in the recognition of your beliefs … and allow your expression to move how you create it.

Session #569:

…….allowing yourself to be noticing more, and also to be relaxing. This is a key point.

You have offered to me this day that you have allowed yourself more of a light-heartedness within your focus. Another expression that may be offered as to this type of movement is that you have allowed yourself more of a relaxation within your focus. You are allowing yourself more of an expression of less intensity and less tension, which also lends energy to a reinforcement of acceptance within you, and THIS is what shall be altering of your reality.

What I am expressing to you now is that you are creating within the now new opportunities to allow yourself to be focusing your attention more fully upon self and not so very intensely outside of self, and this holds key importance, for as you begin this type of action now, you also shall alter your perception.

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